SU66 Duty Vehicle

2004 Chevy Tahoe equipped with emergency lights and sirens. AED, medical bag, 2 K9 kennels and other essential items. 


Command Trailer

2019 Nitro Aluminum enclosed trailer. Fully upfitted with TVs, awning, computers, task management sheets, safety vest, FLIR camera, flashlights, radio banks, compasses, binoculars, mobile radio, white boards, refrigerator, generator, helmets and other essential needs to search and rescue. 

Chief 66

Personally owned 2017 Ford F-150. Equipped with warning lights and siren. Led spotlight, fender mounted. Rear truck cap to house K-9's. The area air conditioned and heated. Passenger side flip up cap window for extra ventilation if needed. Driver side flip up window which has storage of search and rescue supplies. Computer, 110V power, resource manuals, vest, run books are just a few other things stored in the vehicle.