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SU66 Duty Vehicle

2004 Chevy Tahoe equipped with emergency lights and sirens. AED, medical bag, 2 K9 kennels and other essential items. 


Command Trailer

2019 Nitro Aluminum enclosed trailer. Fully upfitted with TVs, awning, computers, task management sheets, safety vest, FLIR camera, flashlights, radio banks, compasses, binoculars, mobile radio, white boards, refrigerator, generator, helmets and other essential needs to search and rescue. 


UTV 66

2021 Nitro aluminum enclosed trailer. Equipped with a shore line plug, generator, interior lights, exterior lights an a warning light. 

2021 Kawasaki UTV with the factory off road lift package. This UTV was strategically purchased to fit into tight places on trails and around gates. It is equipped with rope bags, helmets, med bag, spot light, scene lights and warning equipment including a PA mic. 


K9 66

2018 Ford Transit 350. Built to transport up to 3 K9s and a total of 7 team members to training and calls. 

Vehicle is equipped with custom rear kennels, warning lights, thermal printer, computer, GPS devices, radio bank and other various equipment. 

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