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Meet Deputy Chief Christy Malin

Christy has always had a passion for helping people, even at 16 years old when she became a CNA. After graduating from Cedar Crest High School in 1997, she continued her education and received an associates degree in Paralegal Studies and worked in the Lebanon County District Attorney’s office as a Victim Witness Advocate before deciding to become an RN and receiving her license in 2004. She has since worked in many areas of the nursing field, including the Intensive Care Unit, and became a BLS instructor in 2012.

Christy has also been a dog lover for as long as she can remember, especially German Shepherds. She got involved with the Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue in 2012 and currently assists with placing rescue dogs in new loving homes. Char-Wills helps over 350 German Shepherds a year who have been abandoned, abused, or need new homes.

With Christy’s love of dogs and penchant for helping people, it is no surprise that she was drawn to search and rescue work. She especially wanted to be able to use a dog to help save lives or bring closure to a family, and was hoping to find a team that really cared about their community. She discovered Special Unit 66 was the local search team in her county and joined the team in 2015. Christy is one of the K9 handlers on the team, currently working with her German Shepherd Raven in both man trailing and human remains detection. She has also been responsible for creating and managing the team point system as well as helping create bylaws, policies, and managing team trainings. Christy has held several positions on the team and is currently serving as the Deputy for Special Unit 66.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Christy!

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